"The Eco-Adventures of Emily and Mikaela"

Featured on Milwaukee's WTMJ 4, "Live at Daybreak," "The Eco-Adventures of Emily and Mikaela" is a series of videos made by Emily and her little buddy Mikaela (age 8) where they demonstrate the cleaning power of ecoGeeks.com products in bizarre and funny ways.

Mikaela, Hannah and Julia (twins) are the daughters of ecoGeeks.com president, Michael Wynhoff. Mikaela was in her first video a the age of 18 months with the "Mikaela Tested and Approved" Pacific Sands Hose Filter.

The idea first arose from a trip to the Racine County Zoo with Emily and Mikaela (who was just 7 at the time)  where Mikaela "had an idea" to help the rhino barn not stink so much. That afternoon, we had somehow talked our way into the zoo and were filming the first of the Emily and Mikaela show: "Rhinos!"

The 'classic' first episode is available below.

The videos feature:
Emily Ackerman
Mikaela Wynhoff
Hannah Wynhoff
Julia Wynhoff

Shot and Edited by: The Lens Guru, Robert Krug
Written and Co-Directed by: Michael 'Mick' Wynhoff

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