I own a 62 room motel on Oak Island NC. The motel has several septic tanks which were install in the 1970's. For several years I have had a major problem with one of my septic systems which handles 20 rooms and 2 two bedroom townhouses. This septic tank holds 2000 gallons and the leech field consists of four 140' lines. For the last eight years we have been fighting a losing battle with the system. During my busy times (June, July and August) we have standing effluent on the ground, constantly requiring us to pump the tank at least once a week and sometimes more. Last week the health department advised me that the problem had to be fixed or they were going to close down this building. Because of state law, I could not dig up the field to fix the lines as the current field did not meet code (it was to small). The only alternatives were to install a 4000 gallon holding tank which had to be pumped every night or close the building down. The cost of the tank was $10,000 and the pumping would be $500 a day. Closing the building down would put me in bankruptcy and cause my twelve employees to lose their jobs.
I have tried several bacteria adding products over the years and they did not work. Last Sunday, I ordered Oxy-Septic after reading all the information on your website. I really didn't have very high expectations based on the other products I have used but I had to try something. On Tuesday, I had to have the septic tank pumped (leech field had effluent on the ground) even though I had just had it pumped the Friday before. Anticipating receiving your product, we installed a 3" pipe out of the distribution box up to ground level so the oxy-septic could be added when it arrived. Because this was the 4th of July week we were very busy and Thursday morning the pipe was full of water and the effluent was on the ground over the septic field. We anticipated having the septic tank pumped again, knowing we would never make it through the busy weekend. Around 4PM that afternoon the Oxy-septic arrived. The tank was not pumped (it was full), the d-box and pipe were full. We had nothing to lose so we poured one container in the pipe to see if it would at least get us through the night. We really didn't expect it to work.
At 8PM we checked the pipe from the d-box and were amazed the water had gone down about 6" and the effluent on the ground was gone. We were amazed since the motel was full, everyone had come off the beach and showered before going to dinner. At 11PM the water in the pipe was still down 6". Friday morning we looked in the pipe and the water was down 12" and there was no effluent on the ground. We added another container to the pipe to see what would happen. At 6PM the water was down 18" (even with the d-box). It is now Sunday morning, it has been a very busy weekend, people are checking out and the water in the pipe is still level with the d-box (down 18" from ground level).
We are amazed with your product. Even though we couldn't follow the directions for pumping the septic lines and letting the field dry out, Oxy-septic got me through the busy holiday week-end and saved me at least $1,000 in pumping fees not to mention the aggravation and possible customer complaints associated with the septic seeping up through the ground.
I know this was a short evaluation period so far, but anyone with a septic problem will tell you any relief is greatly appreciated mainly one with such immediate gratification. I look forward to the continued use of Oxy-septic and will keep you informed of the long term results. We thank you for providing us such a great product and will recommend it to everyone we talk to. Please feel free to use this letter in your marketing efforts and I will gladly be a reference for this product.