About us

ecoGeeks.com is a Family Company

Founded in 2004 by former Pacific Sands, Inc. CEO, Mick Wynhoff as an outlet to introduce new environmental products to the market, ecoGeeks.com is a family company, dedicated to providing the best quality products and advice to our customers and friends.
The ecoGeeks family serves people who have specific challenges, questions and issues with indoor and outdoor maintenance. Our expertise covers the gamut from recreational water maintenance to mold remediation, stain removal, general cleaning and more.

Our community includes environmentally conscious consumers, contractors and cleaning professionals. We are one of the few retailers that address the needs of the 58 million Americans who suffer MCS symptoms.

ecoGeeks.com provides the tools, information and products that you need to solve your problem in an environmentally conscious and healthy way.  Unlike other retailers, we are passionate about solving your challenges before selling you a product.

The ecoGeeks Team.

Our team

Mick and the ecoGeeks-Girls

Contractors Helping Make it Work:

John Acheson: Makes all that data stuff move around in the right direction. They used to call them 'web master' but he figured that was too hoity toity.