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SAMPLE Terra Preta™ Biochar 1 Cup Inoculated with Worm Tea



One cup of Terra Preta™ BioChar sample size. Treats between 10 and 20 cups of soil. Perfect for testing and experiments.

Pre-Inoculated with ‘worm tea’ and molasses: Mix with soil directly from the bag. 

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Our Terra Preta™ (BioChar) provides a fantastic microscopic structure to your soil to both foster essential micronutrients and retain moisture in soil. One Cubic Foot is the perfect size for a small garden or large indoor planting product. Makes between 10 and 20 cubic feet of ‘terra preta’ black earth soil. Large garden can be treated by using in planting rows.

Pre-Inoculated with ‘worm tea’ and molasses: Mix with soil directly from the bag. 

Commercial Organic Farmers have used this knowledge about BioChar and these high-quality macro and micro-nutrients for years.  For the first time, Terra Preta™ makes available the complete picture to build the most fertile soil possible to gardeners everywhere.

And now, while you enjoy the fruit of your fantastic garden, you can relax in the satisfaction you’ve done your part to restore the basic cycles of nature that have been lost to commercial farming practices of the past 100 years and sequester carbon right where it should be – in your garden producing life.

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What you should know about BioChar
Biochar is sterile when it is made and it tends to take up nutrients into its microscopic pores. Therefore, it can bind up soil nutrients when first added to the soil.  It is best to “pre-charge” the BioChar by mixing it with composts, organic fertilizer, worm castings, humates, mychorrizae, soil microbes and/or compost teas.

Terra Preta™ with Worm Tea comes fully charged, infused with worm tea ready to be added to your garden.

Terra Preta ™ adds the foundation of BioChar to soil fertility while recharging the soil ecosystem.

Terra Preta™ Innoculated Soil Ammendment  is blend of vermicompost tea and our Terra Preta™ Biochar's Premium Organic product.Terra Preta™ BioChar in combination with our exclusive worm tea provide powerful benefit in the revitalization or preparation of soils.

Terra Preta™ has the ideal particle size to maintain soil biology and remains in the important germination and root formation area. This results in increased cation exchange and nutrient uptake and contributes to the health and vigor of plants. 

Some of its many benefits include:

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•Hosting beneficial microbes and fungi
•Reducing acidity
•Improving tilth
•Increasing fertility and soil organic matter (SOM)
•Improvement of the soil ecosystem
•Nutrient retention & leaching reduction
•High Water-holding capacity ( 5-6 times its weight in water)
•Makes water available to the roots when "thirsty" 

Due to Terra Preta's ideal particle size, surface area and mineral content, typically only one application of 5%-10% is needed.  However, maximum effect can be achieved by an annual application until your soil reaches the productivity level you desire.

About us/Mission

We help gardeners grow fantastic gardens and landscapes using rediscovered ancient organic soil management practices.

“It’s all about the soil, stupid” is a phrase that encapsulates our mission.  And applying the lost knowledge of “Terra Preta do Indio” is our purpose.  This “Black Earth of the Indian” is a 2500 year old practice in harmony with the critical carbon cycles of nature.  Carbon, the core of fertile soil, provides the microscopic structure that enables a miraculous soup of water, macro and micro-nutrients and air to be held in a state readily accessed by plants creating beautiful, healthy plants and fantastic harvests.